AmpliPhi Establishes Collaboration with Intrexon

Combined Expertise to Create New Generation of Bacteriophage-Based Therapeutics For Antibiotic Resistant Infections

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 8:11 am EDT



Public Company Information:

"This collaboration with AmpliPhi should at last make practical the long-appreciated therapeutic potential of phage therapies, resulting in an armamentarium of new treatments for infectious diseases. We are delighted to get underway on this exciting program."

RICHMOND, Va. & GERMANTOWN, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AmpliPhi BioSciences Corp. (OTC: APHB), the leader in the development of bacteriophage-based antibacterial therapies to treat drug resistant infections, and Intrexon Corporation, a synthetic biology company that utilizes its proprietary technologies to provide control over cellular function, today announced the formation of an exclusive channel collaboration (“ECC”) to develop new bacteriophage-based therapies to target specific antibiotic resistant infections, some of the most widespread and deadly types of infections.

The collaboration seeks to develop bacteriophage-containing human therapeutics for use in the treatment of bacterial infections associated with acute and chronic wounds, the treatment of acute and chronic P aeruginosa lung infections, and the treatment of infections of C. difficile.

Philip J. Young, President and Chief Executive Officer of AmpliPhi, said, “The global market for anti-infective therapies is expected to reach $40 billion annually by 2014. Combining Intrexon’s synthetic biology technologies with our phage development expertise gives us the opportunity to develop and bring to market an important new generation of anti-infective therapies that have the potential to save or change the lives of millions of people.”

Randal J. Kirk, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Intrexon, added, “This collaboration with AmpliPhi should at last make practical the long-appreciated therapeutic potential of phage therapies, resulting in an armamentarium of new treatments for infectious diseases. We are delighted to get underway on this exciting program.”

Under the terms of the ECC agreement, AmpliPhi will receive an exclusive, worldwide license to utilize Intrexon’s proprietary technology and expertise toward the standardized production of wild type phages, as well as for the design and production of genetically modified bacteriophages. Intrexon will apply its proprietary technologies, including the UltraVector® platform, DNA and RNA MOD engineering, protein engineering, inducible gene systems, genome engineering, and cell systems engineering, to AmpliPhi’s bacteriophage programs.

AmpliPhi will issue to Intrexon 24,000,000 shares of its common stock (representing approximately 26% of Ampliphi’s outstanding shares after the issuance). The ECC also includes the potential for development milestones that are payable in equity or cash. In addition, AmpliPhi will pay Intrexon royalties on the net sales of products developed under the ECC.

Griffin Securities served as financial advisor to Intrexon in connection with the transaction.

About AmpliPhi BioSciences Corp.

AmpliPhi BioSciences Corp. is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of novel bacteriophage-based therapeutics for difficult to treat infectious diseases. More information about the company is available at

About Intrexon Corporation

Intrexon Corporation is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the industrial engineering of synthetic biology. Intrexon is deploying its extensive capabilities to rapidly design and produce novel and enhanced biological products and processes across multiple industry sectors, including: human therapeutics, protein production, industrial products, agricultural biotechnology, and animal science. The company's advanced bioindustrial engineering platform enables Better DNA™ technology by combining revolutionary DNA control systems with corresponding advancements in modular transgene design, assembly, and optimization to enable unprecedented control over the function and output of living cells. More information about the company is available at

Forward-looking statements

Statements in this press release about the potential use of bacteriophages to treat bacterial infections and the development of bacteriophage-based therapies using Intrexon technology are forward looking statements subject to risks and uncertainties, including without limitation the risk that such therapies may not be successfully developed, will require extensive and expensive pre-clinical and clinical testing, may not be safe or efficacious, and may not be approved for marketing by the United States Food and Drug Administration or any foreign regulatory agency.


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